Thursday, July 7, 2011


Tomorrow's the day and I can't wait for it to come. Finally,my final day is here and next week gonna be my new career path. I really does hope all that I've prayed will be working accordingly. I am gonna put all my effort, and double effort in it to make sure it will work out good and proper. Of course, things won't be that easy la! I will always understand that.

Anyway, tomorrow's gonna go Ipoh as well, so... Ipoh,here I come!!! It will also be the first time having family dinner together with...ahem,the Ipoh family, so kinda nervous right now! Hehe,nevertheless,everything will gonna be alright! Yoohoo

As a reminder to all,please refrain on yellowish stuff,no matter u're in whatever part of Malaysia. There will be roadblocks from tonight all the way till Sunday, so beware! Sobs,I can't wear my bad badtz maru tshirt. You see,so nice and cute!!

Anyways,I hope everyone's gonna have a great weekend,and safe!

Friday, July 1, 2011

A new month,new walk of life!

It's been an 'awesome' week for me. After my holiday from Pattaya and Bangkok, I found out I too have an allergy! Not nuts! Not seafood! Not egg! But freaking SUNBLOCK! And it's Vaseline SPF24+ sunblock! OMG! never know I have that since I never really used any sunblock before,not in high amount till my trip. Now my two palm looked like snake changing their skin,similar to a toad's skin!

Now I can only rely on the medicine to make it go away! Sobs sobs T.T. Anyhow,things are great in Thailand. Everything was fun,the bike ride was thrilling as well,the peepz are friendly,things are kind of cheap, everything's fun. Gals were pretty as well,as well as some ladyboy!

The most happening street in Pattaya!

The awesome ride

Our final day in Thailand,preparing to leave,right before we eat our double grilled pork burger with cheese with crispy bacon from Burger King. You will NEVER find it in Malaysia,ever! Haha, too bad I was too indulged in the burger I forgotten about the photos!

The trip was awesome. But once I'm back from it,the longest week starts,cause I threw my 'letter of award' to my company on the Thursday,just before I left for Thailand. the long week was because no one was attending to me to tell me when is my last day, what should I handover,what should I do. Nothing at all,finally I couldn't take it anymore,I send out an email yo request for a meeting,and finally it is done today! Feels so good and now I am awaiting for next Monday where my big boss will sit in and ask me to stay. :p. But anyway,everything's good and I hope things will go from good to better in times to come. My new path is beginning in July,the month I turned a quarter century. Awesome!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend's coming

Its here,it will be here very soon. Holiday planned half a year ahead seriously needs patience. Wonder how Thailand condition is when we go.

Anyways, I finally managed to finalize my letter,not too long,but short and sweet. I really do hope things will work out alright and things will go from good to better.

Right now, while waiting for Dear to finish bathing,am enjoying the serene view of the swimming pool,with some rooftop night breeze. Awesome!

*pstt,just got scolded for waiting at the wrong place.hee *

I still wonder why Blogpress thumbnail is so small,how to solve

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Again and again

I just finally realized I am never consistent in my blogging. Somehow ter-click on my homepage link and brought me back to my blog, reminds me of study and late night supper,never sleeping FYP nights. Those were the time. Now more and more things that needs to be concerned about,but...everything's good and it's for good cause.

Anyway,I am about to asleep actually. For those who doesn't know, heh heh heh

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A drift from work~

Time passes really fast, I've been in this intern business for almost 3 months already, and its over soon. *yippie*. Gonna move over to a new phase of life....super excited yet dreadful. Thinking about landing myself into the job 'permanently' (not part-time anymore) is scary enough, what more with the life without my parent's support anymore. T.T . Nevertheless, I understand this is a compulsary stage of life I must go through. So... GAMBATE!

Back to my current life, these 2 weeks was again...drAGful~ What I meant by dragful is because nothing can be done, since no material is here yet and the latest update - materials will be here around end of the month! Ok...but wait...!!! That's when my intern's gonna end. Means I gonna leave intern and throwing my projects that's been done halfway to someone else? It felt like... 'irresponsibility'.

Anyway, ever since the lack of material, my life in the company became more and more boring. Tried to do everything that I can do, and end up with nothing to do at all, which in fact what I'm doing now is write a blog-post. So, let me get into what I found in Seremban yesterday.

I went for Step Up 3, and my conclusion...the movie was kinda good, love the songs and also the moves and grooves. Great movie, recommended for all to watch. :D. NExt on, since we got dissapointed for not being able to see my colleague's other 'friend', we shifted our venue to a place call Cafe After 5, in Seremban 2. I tried looking into Google Maps, but sadly, I found only a empty piece of land. It seemed like Google's not planning to update our Seremban map yet. here's some photo of it....

This is Special Toast, with Pandan Kaya, Butter,and Peanut Butter. Great toast, but not crunchy enough....

After 5 Toast - with Ham,Egg and Mayo....which took an hour for AiWen to finish it, not because its large, its simply because she's super slow! LOLz

Kangsoon's Curry Toast, not sure bout the taste, but looks good....

some photos, and dun mind my super long hair, coz I was supposed to cut it yesterday but the shop's closed for the day. Gonna go cut later after work! :p

Till then....